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July 13 2021

Getting Houses Off the Grid

In January 2021, the UK Government published its responses to its 2019 future home standards consultation.

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May 6 2021

Press Release

In April 2021, Communal Energy Partners formally known as SW Energy launched into the market, signifying a new era for the company and is customers.

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April 6 2021

Welcome to Communal Energy Partners

Communal Energy Partners, formerly known as SW Energy,  has announced a significant investment in the business which promises to enhance its services to clients in the property, facilities management, building and housing association sectors, as..

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March 22 2021

BP plans UK's largest hydrogen project

In a recent article written by bp, they look at how Hydrogen is expected to play a critical role in decarbonising the ‎power, industrial and transport sectors.

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March 18 2021

Advances in Liverpool's net zero carbon plan

A recent article written on PSE by Chris Cromar discusses a new project which is seeking to bring 20 hydrogen powered double decker buses to the Liverpool City region.

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March 16 2021

SafeContractor Accreditation

We are proud to have recently renewed our award for SafeContracter Accreditation. 

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March 1 2021

New building regulations are coming - here is everything you need to know

In October 2019, the government initiated its first consultation on The Future Homes Standard. 

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February 17 2021

Breaking down Net-Zero

Net-zero means that the greenhouse gases going into the atmosphere are in balance with those being removed.

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February 10 2021

Heat Network (Metering & Billing) Regulations

The first part of the regulations, launched in 2014, requires the body ultimately responsible for supplying and charging the end users known as the heat supplier, to complete a notification of data from all qualifying heat networks to the Office..

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January 29 2021

What is Communal Heating?

Your home is part of a Communal Heating network.

Instead of having an individual gas boiler in every home, a communal heating system uses a centralised boiler room to provide heat to the whole development.

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