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Pre Pay - Manage Existing

We manage your existing prepayment system on your behalf including any customer service enquiries, freeing you up to focus on providing the best standard of living for your tenants.

Ensuring a consistent service

At Communal Energy Partners we have extensive experience in installation and management of several leading prepay system types, including Guru and Secure Meters. We can also take over the management of your existing prepay service provider. By outsourcing the management of your existing PAYG provider to us we can ensure that a consistent service is provided to your organisation.

Communal Energy Partners are in touch with the latest trends and innovations and can keep your organisation appraised of any potential service developments.

Pre-Pay Communal Energy Management

Benefits of Pre Pay - Manage Existing

A solution that helps residents with multiple convenient payment solutions.

Business Focus

Business Focus

By transferring the management of your PAYG provider to Communal Energy Partners, it will enable your staff to concentrate on your organisations core operations.
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Continuity & Risk Management

With CEP managing your provider you will not be susceptible to staff absences -we will provide the staff and therefore will take on the risk.
Service Quality

Service Quality 

We are focused on heat and billing services, so you don’t have to be. You can be safe in the knowledge your PAYG service is operation as you want it to.

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Introducing Pre Pay (Pay As You Go) 

Designed to help resident take responsibility for their energy, while freeing you up to focus on providing the best standard of living.

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How can we help you? (FAQ)

Does your prepay system offer multi utility prepay service?

At Communal Energy Partners, we are able to offer multi utility service for up to four utility’s, Heat, electric, chill and water billing from our prepay systems.

Does your system meet the code for sustainable homes?

With our innovative technology, our smart displays can display real time consumption for up to 4 utilities, satisfying the code for sustainable homes.

Can you install, commission and maintain the prepay system?

Communal Energy Partners employs our own expert in house engineering team and offer a full install, manage and maintain service solution under one umbrella.


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