Communal Energy Partners investment set to revolutionise the provision of communal energy services

Welcome to Communal Energy Partners

Communal Energy Partners, formerly known as SW Energy,  has announced a significant investment in the business which promises to enhance its services to clients in the property, facilities management, building and housing association sectors, as well as residents themselves.

The investment - which focuses on infrastructure, people, and technology - signifies a new era for the company and its customers. 


Mark Thomas, CEO at Communal Energy Partners, said, “We’re not just changing our name and logo, we’ve listened, learned and evolved to meet the changing needs of the sector."

What does this mean?

With more than 35 years in the industry, the leadership team at Communal Energy Partners has worked closely with customers to gain unique insights into the challenges faced by the sector.

This, along with established partnerships with the likes of Ballymore, Notting Hill Genesis, Galliard Homes and MLM Property Management, has enabled Communal Energy Partners to place an increased focus on energy efficiency, legislation and compliance - along with the age-old issues of gas procurement and debt management - the team has invested in the business to deliver a unique full-service solution that will meet challenges, maximise value and reduce risk for its customer base.



What's next? 

Working in partnership with customers - including developers, owners, operators and residents of both residential and mixed-use developments - the company has identified the shortcomings of existing communal energy solutions and adapted the business to meet the need. 


Mark continues, "We’ve enhanced staff training as well as our billing processes, employed a range of new engineers and additional customer support staff to give customers increased access to in-depth expertise for installation, setup, repairs and commissioning services. We’ve also invested in our technology and systems to ensure the most efficient usage in a bid to reduce energy usage and carbon footprints in line with more stringent energy targets."


“In addition, we’ve put more emphasis on listening to customers, understanding their challenges and harnessing our collective expertise to meet the changing needs of the market. This has shaped our fully managed service, which has evolved to take the complexity out of delivering and managing communal energy, giving our customers just one point of contact for everything from procurement to maintenance.” 


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By outsourcing some or all of your communal energy management responsibilities and liabilities, not only are you ensuring your tenants are getting the best service, you’re minimising your risk.