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Our transparent pricing and streamlined communication provide residents with the reassurance that they are getting a good deal for their money. Whilst our flexible, secure and convenient payment options mean it’s easy to keep on top of energy bills, which is backed up by our customer services team which is always on hand to help.

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Feel the benefit of transferring your communal energy management responsibilities to a single provider:


Financial responsibility

We take financial responsibility for paying gas bills & deposits and collecting bill payments safeguarding the service charge and cash flow.


Single point of service

Single point of service where we manage the risk in procuring the gas, paying gas deposits, managing debt and providing customers with highly competitive heat rates.


Managing compliance

We ensure compliance with the Heat Network regulations, maintain meter systems and provide engineering support. We provide 12-month contracts which are L&T Section 20 compliant


Energy optimisation

We monitor thermal efficiency ensuring energy optimisation through improved energy efficiency reducing your carbon footprint whilst providing highly competitive heat rates for residents.


“A trusted partner”

The team at Communal Energy Partners provide a highly professional service and their level of expertise and industry knowledge in invaluable both in occupation and pre-occupation. This makes CEP a trusted partner for the delivery of the metering and billing services. 

Pete McAsey - Ballymore Asset Management


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