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Energy Management

We are uniquely placed to generate efficiencies both in terms of tariffs and usage – which can be passed onto the customer – and ensure that legislation is adhered to.

Procurement, optimisation and compliance

At Communal Energy Partners, we provide a hassle-free, hands-free alternative to owners of new or existing residential and mixed-use schemes who want to maximise value, reduce risk and protect cash flow.

Our bespoke offering and extensive expertise can help you realise significant cost savings. Whether it’s through procurement, optimisation or compliance, our service is designed to help you overcome the common challenges of managing communal energy.


Benefits of Energy Management

A service that ensures that legislation is adhered to.

Economies of Scale

Economies of Scale

With our purchasing power we can provide you with access to economies of scale in the form of lower utility tariffs, which can be passed onto your customers.

Flexible Purchasing

Flexible Purchasing

Our approach enables you to make multiple buying decisions, with full control over when you buy and how much energy you buy each time.

Energy Optimisation

Energy Optimisation

We undertake energy surveys to assess the performance of a site with a view to optimising energy efficiency, cutting costs and reducing carbon footprint.

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Introducing Energy Management

We offer a full and comprehensive range of energy management services dealing with procurement, optimisation and compliance.

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How can we help you? (FAQ)

Do you buy utilities in your own name or act as an energy broker?

At Communal Energy Partners, we buy all our utilities in our own name and benefit from bulk purchasing economies of scale. Our prices are typically 5 -10 percent (%) lower than one off energy broker. Giving you full control over your purchase.

Why does my site suffer with a high heat rate and poor thermal efficiency percentage?

Thermal efficiency % is one of the key elements which govern heat kWh rate along with gas rate. For example a gas rate of 2.5p and a thermal efficiency of 50% will give a heat rate of 5p kWh.

Can you help me fulfil my “Heat Supplier” obligations under the Heat Network Regulations?

We act as “Heat Supplier” on all our “Full Managed” sites and can help you fulfil your obligations. We closely work with the BEIS and understand the best ways to ensure compliance.


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