Our work with Oxley Holdings Ltd & Ballymore

Royal Wharf in East London, is a large-scale mixed-use development, with 3,385 residential units in the final phase of a 6year build programme

Communal Energy Partners were introduced to the scheme by Ballymore Asset Management originally as the billing agents for the heat supply.

Jointly developed by Ballymore with Oxley Holdings Ltd, all apartments including over 750 affordable units are provided with metered heat from one central energy centre.

The challenge for Communal Energy Partners was to ensure accurate credit billing for residents during a phased development with no remote access for meter reads and set up a PAYG service for the affordable units owned by L&Q.

How did Communal Energy Partners help?

CEP worked closely with the client’s sales completions and estates teams to develop the customer meter and property database in line with the phased development to support an accurate billing service. Working alongside the construction team, CEP ensured that the metering circuits for each building were optimised and correctly aligned with the meters in the apartments and that those meters were functioning correctly.

To ensure readings remained accurate throughout the transition, CEP engineers attended site each month to download and collect the data from the individual master meters. CEP worked with the project team and construction throughout the build and supported the client in the design process for the development of a network solution for linking up each of the metering circuits to support remote meter reading access. CEP sourced a PAYG partner to work alongside to provide the PAYG service for L&Q residents.

The outcome

In a complex phased build programme CEP, working closely with the client teams ensured that the heat service could be accurately billed

Resulting in residents only paying for the energy they had used, with minimal estimated readings and recovery of the utility costs paid for by the client.

CEP helped resolve any metering issues during the 6 year programme, delivered a PAYG solution for L&Q and worked throughout supporting the client attending project meetings for the design of a metering solution.