Our work with Ballymore

A two-fold challenge for Ballymore

Ballymore had an existing partnership with Communal Energy Partners and the relationship was furthered by working together on the New Providence Wharf site near Canary Wharf.

Owner of the social housing units in the Jessop Building, Notting Hill Genesis (NHG) are one of the largest housing associations in the South East, providing affordable housing for 170,000 people.

The two developments in question, Ballymore’s Charrington Tower and Jessop Building were in the final phase of construction, when Communal Energy Partners were asked to support.

The challenge was two-fold: 

1. Provide a fully managed heat service for Charrington Tower and support the client during the installation and commissioning of the metering system for the building.

2. In the Jessop Building, NHG decided to have the closed protocol system replaced and a new solution was required that was both open protocol and capable of being deployed with minimal interruption to the site and its residents.

How did Communal Energy Partners help?

CEP supported the client in the implementation of the core metering infrastructure circuits within the main tower. CEP were able to procure some key components and provide testing of the meter connectivity to support the commissioning process.
Following the core metering work, CEP implemented an Automatic Meter Reading solution to obtain daily readings in order to support billing of residents heat and cooling usage.

Once the building was completed and residents began occupying, CEP implemented its Fully Managed service, also undertaking the role of Heat Supplier supporting the Heat Network regulations and working with the client to improve the thermal efficiency of the system.

In the Jessop Building, CEP delivered a wireless automatic meter reading solution, designed to provide additional insight into energy flow and temperature data. 

The outcome

A fully managed credit billing service was successfullyimplemented in the tower to provide accurate, actual readingbased billing for both the heat and cooling services.

CEP took over the gas procurement and continue to obtain gas as the best possible prices providing competitive heat rates to residents.
In the Jessop Building, the open protocol AMR solution allowed NHG and CEP to take full ownership of the billing process without having to defer to a third party for licences and meter readings, giving greater reliability at a reduced cost. The additional data assists in the optimisation of the heat/cooling production and distribution while also assisting in fault finding and maintenance. NHG and their residents also benefit from the competitive energy prices at the site.